Meet Paul Brain

As a Logistics and Warehouse Team we work alongside the Operations Team to ascertain what trucks, plant, heavy, light equipment and disposables we need for the event. From here this will be worked up into multiple loading lists and specific supplier orders.

When everything arrives on site it will be packed per area and the pallets will be clearly labelled. The kit will match the loading list and the dish specification boards that will be located in each kitchen (you will also have all this information in your managers & chefs packs).

Throughout the setup and event itself, we will be setting all the kitchens up as per pre-drawn plans which are designed alongside the chefs, so they have everything they need to make this special event happen.

Once the event gets underway, the logistics team are on hand to make sure you have everything you need, when you need it.

During set up, it’s important that;

  • You only take the kit the need for your areas. We pack equipment as per the loading lists, so there is enough for everyone to share
  • Take time to look at your job sheets and menu presentations – if it’s listed, we’ll know where to find it!
  • Organise your areas as efficiently as possible, so storing excess CCG is neat and tidy.

No question is a silly question. If there’s something that is related to the BOH operation, be sure to let us know!

Where you guys can help us on a daily basis at the clearing areas are;

  • Work in a clean and tidy way so when you need the equipment again you know where to find it.
  • Please split all the cutlery in the types as it’s so much quicker for them to be washed ready for polishing.
  • Quick tip is to try and clear one type of glass at a time – this makes for a speedy trip to the wash up area however we fully appreciate this can’t always be done.
  • Don’t over stack the boxes, remember we have to carry, wash and recount them for you to use again.
  • Empty slops out of the glasses and put upside-down in the correct racks
  • Have mutual respect for each other as the pressure can rise now and again but by working together we will deliver a fantastic event

At the end of the event it really helps if;

  • We all remember how the items were delivered as much as possible, so we can send it back in the same organised fashion.
  • Everything will come in a box so please send it back in a box, with any large event when the trucks come back to HQ it makes it a bit easier to sort and put away or in fact repack and send out to the next event if this happens.
  • Support the BOH teams as much as possible. There is often a quick turnaround to clear the event sites and get everything back to HQ. If we all work to the same pack-up document, the end of the event will happen very quickly and efficiently.

One last thing is we pride ourselves on leaving the events sites we work on, as we found them. The last impression goes a long way and it helps the other contractors that have to follow on behind us.

There will be much more detailed information to come but this is a snapshot of what I need to we achieve on site! Can’t wait to work with you all!