The Shed

Our Home

If you are going to employ the best people, find and deliver the best food and drink, getting it right every time… you need the best environment to live in! So that’s what we have done.

We think we’ve built a pretty good place for people to work. Our offices are an open plan industrial space with informal meeting areas on stacked bleachers and swing chair meeting tables, private working pods and a socially inclusive hot-desk culture. Our open environment facilitates a healthy sharing of information and speeds up decision making.

Our Kitchens

Our talented chefs work out of state-of-the-art kitchens which are pretty special even if we say so ourselves, spanning 34,000 sq ft complete with adjoining tasting rooms.

Comprised of two, distinctly different but complementary, world class kitchen facilities, designed to be able to offer the broadest range of products to our customers.

Our upstairs kitchen focuses on chef specified, chef produced, intricate, bespoke products, whereas our downstairs kitchen focuses on chef specified, technologically and operative produced menus, serving high volume with absolute consistency every time. Utilising a range of the most advanced food manufacturing equipment.

Our People

We understand that the success of a business is underpinned by who you have working for you and our people are at the heart of all we do.

We’ve built our home in Oxfordshire to give us the necessary space to train our own in-house chefs, grow our own greens, roast our own coffee and bake our own brownies.