Nicola Jarvie

How long have you worked for Absolute Taste?

I have worked for Absolute Taste since October 2019, however, I did work for Absolute Taste back in 2016 as the Staffing Manager for the events team working at some amazing events such as; Formula E, Chelsea Design Week, Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival, to name a few.

What is your job role at the Open and can you give a little detail into what you do?

I am the Staffing Manager for Absolute Taste at The Open and I am responsible for the staffing operation at The Open which includes recruitment and deployment of all staff, organising all transport and accommodation, creating staff rotas and payroll.

Do you have a morning ritual at The Open?

To be honest, no, my alarm usually goes off at around 2.30/ 2.45 to make sure I’m on site to sign in the first group of staff members around 3.45 who are usually working in the player’s facility.

What song would you choose in the background of you winning a game with a hole in one?

Jump around by House of pain as that’s mostly likely what I would be doing.

Describe the Open in 3 words

Exciting/ Fun/ Rewarding

What is the first drink you order in the bar after a long week?

A large glass of red wine

How would you celebrate if you won The Open?

I would celebrate by holding a huge party for all my friends and family and have the Backstreet boys perform 😀