Who will be my point of contact throughout the event?

The IC of each structure will be the main point of contact for all staff within each structure. Any issues or important matters that need additional support will be directed to the Project team from the IC.


Will there be transport to and back from site each day?

Absolute Taste will provide all transport to and from site daily – you will be allocated a transport timetable that will fit with your shifts and area of work.


Will there be availability to work the set up days?

As it stands the offer of work you have received to date is the only requirement for now – if this changes we will be in touch.


How likely is it that The Open will go ahead this year? when will this decision be made?

As it stands, we are planning to operate as business as usual however creating different scenarios for us to adapt to should social distancing and bubbles still be in play throughout July. A decision on how the event will run will be made by the R&A in March.


What COVID restrictions will be in place?

Scenario planning for all eventualities are being built however, we can confirm the use of PPE in the form of masks, gloves and visors will be used for this event in July. As we get closer to the event we will know more to what capacity these protocols will be required. Any changes to testing or bubbles for accommodation and travel we will be sure to update you as soon as possible also.


How will St Andrew’s in 2022 be affected?

St Andrews is still planned to be the biggest Open to date, with the extensive planning scenarios in play for the 149th. Ourselves and the R&A are committed to expand our reach at the 150th to enable as many spectators as possible to attend the event, whether that is as a general admission or hospitality ticket holder. The 150th Open will be amazing.


Will we be given a site tour on our first day on site?

Yes – All staff on site will be given a tour and shown to your area of work and introduced to you team for the event.


With the global pandemic if the event were to be cancelled again what would be the latest we would find out?

Our scenario planning is focused on providing updates as early as possible. We will plan to be in a position by March to understand the impact of Covid-19 and how this will effect our event delivery in July. We cannot confirm an exact date as the current guidelines are ever changing, that being said we will try and provide a confirmed answer as early as possible.


For the event who are the alcohol/beverage suppliers/ sponsors? I know some have been mentioned in previous communications.

Information will be provided in your management pack that you will receive when you arrive to site and potentially a few more in the monthly newsletters.


For accommodation provided, what are the costs for us to use this opportunity?

There are no costs for accommodation to any staff. We will however issue all staff with T&C’s that you must read, sign and return to stay in the accommodation provided.


Is there a template of a day’s running order during live event days so we know what to except, peak times/ breaks I haven’t done a golf event in a while and would like to know a basic idea of the running order.

Once we have our confirmed scenario for how we are going ahead we will share job sheets for each area so you can understand the timings for the day and any significant impacts that will effect your role.