1. Be prepared – Once your line manager has introduced you to your role for the week, ensure that you understand exactly what is required from you. Have you got everything you need to be successful – if not, ask
  2. Have the Clubs Ready – Although we won’t ask you to carry a heavy bag of clubs round with you for your shift, we want you to have all of the knowledge in your head to be able to answer any questions during your shift. Do you know what the menu is that we’re serving today? Do you know what wines we have available? Do you know key timings for the day? These are just some of the things that you will need to familiarise yourself with each morning.
  3. Cleaning clubs and balls – Keeping on top of the detail in and around your facility. Deliveries that haven’t been put away – see to them and ensure the area manager is aware of what has arrived. A spillage on the floor, clean it up. A confused guest – solve their problem. A caddy needs to be mindful of everything going on throughout the round of golf, just as we need to be mindful of everything going on throughout the day.
  4. Ready to rake – Always be one step ahead; service tempo picking up, start to pre-empt what is going to be ordered. Once a guest has sat down, go and introduce yourself to them and explain the format of the day. Once a guest has finished their food, remove their dirty plate. Once a guest has finished their drink – offer them a top up!
  5. Watch the ball – We need to keep focused throughout our whole shift – it’s our job to ensure the day runs smoothly for our guests. Whether that means picking up the pace of till transactions so that customers aren’t waiting too long for their fish and chips, or changing kegs in the cellar to make the bar service as efficient as possible, keeping focused throughout the day helps us all stay well organised.
  6. Maintain the Golf Course – Hopefully we won’t have any major divots to replace, but we must ensure that wherever we are working is kept maintained to the highest standards. Cleaning workstations down, keeping food topped up and being aware of our surroundings are all key skills in our roles.
  7. Tend the pin – We definitely won’t be called upon to tend to any pins on the greens, but imagine each element of our guest’s day is a pin that they are aiming for, we need to ensure that whatever they need is in sight, and attainable.
  8. Stand in the Right Place – This may seem like an easy thing to do, but being noticeable, yet not in the way is a skill in itself. We must ensure we are fulfilling our role, without getting in the way!
  9. Wear the Proper Attire – You will be issued with our uniform policy before arriving to site, and in some areas, uniform will be provided. Please ensure you are aware of what is needed. Polished shoes, hair tied back, groomed beards, correct PPE, chef whites or waterproof coats! Whatever is needed to keep you smart and presentable when you’re working with us on site.