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Born in Yorkshire, Lyndy began her career training as a chef at the prestigious Tante Marie Culinary Academy. It was always her dream to build a successful catering business. 

During her time as a chef at the F1 races Lyndy pursued this dream. She prepared food in the evenings from her tiny flat and dashed all over London to cook for clients and friends. Having met Ron Dennis, Chairman of McLaren Automotive Limited, whilst in the motor racing world, Lyndy’s dream of owning a catering company came true. Together they formed Absolute Taste in 1997 to provide the hospitality for McLaren at the F1 races and tests. 

Today Lyndy has successfully expanded the business to include Absolute Taste’s portfolio of Restaurants and Cafes, Private Jet Catering, Bespoke Events, fixed site contracts and Performance Sports including F1 hospitality (where it all started). 

The Tante Marie Culinary Academy remains close to Lyndy’s heart and she now part owns the school, it is important to Lyndy to be able to give something back to the industry

Lyndy currently lives in London with her husband, son and dog Truffle. She takes every opportunity on her many travels to experience new restaurants and discover new food and design trends in every country she visits. She brings back inspirational flavours and styling ideas to Absolute Taste, enriching their creative events and catering.

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